NON-CPU Solar Tracker

Sungchang Co., Ltd. has acquired patents in Korea, USA and Japan through the development of core parts of solar tracker, satisfying customers' expectations and demands, increasing domestic and overseas market share with sincere slogan of reliable technology trust.

NON-CPU Solar Tracker.

Development of proper technology module (CPU exclusion) - Tracking sensor and motor interlocking circuit

  • 1) Reduction of installation cost
        (high efficiency of installation compared to installation cost)
  • 2) Photovoltaic power generation is possible in remote areas where power supply is
        difficult. - Stand-alone solar power plant construction (can be supplied at night by
       using industrial battery)
  • 3) Bi-axial solar power is expected to generate more than 30~40% of annual
        power generation
  • 4) By using the tracking method using the optical sensor, only the maximum light
        source can be traced and designed (without additional correction)
  • 5) Role as the original technology of solar tracking
        (guaranteeing the long life of NON-CPU)
  • 6) Security function through the analog circuit to the problem of trouble occurring
        when using the CPU.
  • 7) Only operate when the sun is floating

Solar Tracker Features and Functions

  • 1. Appropriate Technology NON-CPU Controller
  • 2. The world’s first technology that follow the sun without a CPU
  • 3. Long, Trouble-free Life
  • 4. Easy Operational Principle and Installation
  • 5. Prevent Damage Caused by Malfunctions
  • 6. Appropriate Technology and Smart Control Module Can Be Controlled in Parallel
  • 7. Long Life and Convenience of Management

Solar Tracker main structure and technical features

Appropriate Technology NON-CPU module
- Optical sensor module for tracking
- Sensor Motor Interlocking Circuits
Smart Control Module
- GPS Control
- Maximum light amount tracking
- Sensor Control web. App.
    SMS Services.
Motor Controller collections
- Actuator with a built-in brake and

"The world’s first technology that can follow the sun
without a CPU"

Status of Certification and Awards

  • Domestic patent certificate

  • USA Patent

  • Japanese Patent

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 9001



  • CE certification

  • KC certification



  • Awarded Gold Prize from Moscow International Invention Fair (Tracker)

  • China International Invention Grand Prize 2016

  • Thailand Silver Invention Exhibition 2015

  • Korean intellectual property office (Silver)2015

  • Seoul International Invention Exhibition Statue 2014



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