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Durable Solar Tracking System

Dual axis tracking system

    • 01

      Cost savings through innovation

    • 02

      Increase power generation 30~40% / yearly

    • 03

      Tracking Maximum light with Photo sensors

    • 04

      Trouble Free, Dual controller, Appropriate circuit + CPU based smart controller

    • 05

      Cluster & remote control monitoring system, self trouble shooting

    • 06

      Stand alone, self powered working enable

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Function & special feature

  • Night Mode

    Enter night mode at sunset

  • Wind Mode

    Lying on the strong wind, avoiding the wind

  • Snow Mode

    Shaking the structure, when snowing

  • Cluster Control

    Monitoring PCS system, Smart APP control, Web control, Environmental monitoring, real time self troubleshooting

  • Realtime Monitoring

    Trouble shooting, Cluster control, alarm warning, remote realtime system

  • Trouble Free, Durability

    Non_CPU based durable controller

  • Parallel Controller Complex Control Parallel complex control or Working/Protection control

    - CPU & internet API, internet remote control
    - SMS, APP, remote internet server control
    - Appropriate controller : Economic system
    - CPU based smart controller : intelligent remote control system
    - Appropriate technology + CPU based smart controller
    = Reliable in complex situations
    = Parallel operation : Two controllers monitoring each other

  • It can be installed anywhere in the world without changing program.

  • Easy Operating and installation

  • Prevent Damage Caused by Malfunctions

  • reliability lifetime, Convenience of management

Main Structure 3.2kW = 400WX8(module)

Solar & Environment Monitoring System

Power generation by period, Power Generation Distribution Chart, Comparison of power generation, Daily power generation monitoring system , Solar radiation quantity of radiation data, User Management, Tracker Management, Inverter Management


  • Photo Sensor

  • Up DownㆍLeft Right Motor

  • controller

Wind Pressure Test 40m/s

KCL Certification (26.Sep. 2017)

Single axis tracking system

  • Photo sensor feedback control
  • 3.2kW module unit assembly and expansion
  • Land use rate same to Fixed solar plant
  • Mechanical control over 3arrays
  • Enable install sloped, uneven terrain
  • Attitude control and cluster control
  • Snow / Wind / Night mode and Cluster intelligent control
  • Wind speed resistance is over 35m/s
  • WiFi & wired network cluster remote control, alarm event
  • Enable stand alone control without network & server

Fixed Solar Plants

The photovoltaic power generation business is an eco-friendly energy business that converts solar energy into electricity to produce electricity and generate revenue. It has a stable profit structure in connection with the government's new and renewable energy policy.

The Government's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS)
- It is a system that makes it mandatory to supply renewable energy to a power generation company at a certain rate from the total generation amount. Generators with a capacity of 500MW or more should cover a certain proportion of the renewable energy as required by the government. The companies subject to the RPS are selected annually and announced in advance. The target companies are provided with the new and renewable energy generation facilities or the supply of RECs.

Profit = SMP + REC

    • 1) KOREA POWER EXCHAGE Electric Power Price(System Marginal Price)
    • 2) It is the electricity market price (KRW / kwh) applied to the electric power of general generators (generators other than nuclear and coal) by transaction time.
      In other words, it is the amount received by transmitting the developed electricity to KEPCO.
    • 1) Renewable Energy Certificate from Carbon emission plant
    • 2) A certificate proving that power generation companies have produced and supplied electricity using renewable energy facilities.
    • 3) The suppliers (18 companies) are obliged to purchase renewable energy supply certificate.
    • 4) The unit in which renewable energy is traded is 1 MW (1,000kw) per 1REC, and the trading market is divided into three.
  • Fixed Contract Market

    • 1) 2 times a year - Scheduled for April and October
    • 2) Contract with supply person - can be re-contracted after 12 years
  • swift Market

    • 1) Weekly trading
    • 2) Sellers, Buyers can join
  • Veterinary Contract

    • 1) Sellers, Buyers fixed contract
    • 2) Contract can be made according to conditions
      - Large power plant (MW)
      - Consortium composition

Korean National Solar power spread Project

Green Home Project

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